About Us

Welcome to WugWug

Wugwug.com is pleased to introduce your new online marketplace. This platform will especially work with more local vendors throughout the world, including remote areas. Wugwug.com will allow the most remote stores in the world market area by allowing small business owners to display his/her products to almost everyone with the possibility of selling remotely. Frequent and risky money transactions will not be necessary because all of them can be done remotely without shipping costs and lost items.

Free Shipping

WugWug.com is currently emphasizing a “pick-up only” system, offering small business owners the opportunity to sell their products to local neighbors, while also catering to an international buyer base.

Ship To Store

WugWug.com currently functions as a “Store Pick-Up” delivery system.

Fast Delivery

Delivery will be free since the “store pick-up” system is integrated into each store.

We Providing Best Services

By giving the power to the technology, we are minimizing the magnitude of errors that often happen when too many transactions are required to complete shipping, delivery, and reception. Some of the main advantages are:

  • Less money transactions.
  • Best probability of buying the products needed.
  • High probability of spending wisely.
  • Giving small business owners an international client base.
  • Unnecessary item purchases.
  • Less lost items through shipping
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